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The West's Awake Community Weekend. Image: Vance Lau for Create
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In December 20232, we were delighted to welcome some new faces to the Creative Places Tuam programme, with the creation of our Tuam-based Creative Team! After an open call and some behind the scenes getting to know one another we were beyond thrilled to share the news and get cracking!  Joining us on our Creative Places Journey were:

Rachel Varden is an artist living and working in Tuam, and she will be leading out on social media for the programme. Rachel will be sharing the work undertaken by Creative Places Tuam and creating a space for the amazing work of local groups, artists and organisations to be platformed by us too.

Jennifer Cunningham is a visual artist now living in Tuam who will create sketches and artistic interpretations of the town of Tuam. She will capture the moments of connection between the programme and the community.

David McDonagh and James Ryan are locals who will join us to document our work and through video and photo. Both have strong creative practices and are deeply rooted in making work that reflects modern Tuam.


In 2023, we welcomed Megan deBurca to the Creative Places Tuam Creative team. Megan, a Tuam native and experienced digital marketer, has been working with the Creative Places team and the town to develop our social media pages, to make sure that the most people possible know about the great work happening in the town. Megan studied music performance in the Irish World Academy and since then has been building a creative portfolio through various endeavours such as festivals and events.

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Artist and Community Supports