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Francesca Grilli, The Forgetting of Air, 2016, still from the performance. Image courtesy: Umberto Di Marino, Naples, Italy
Artist and Community Supports

Creative Places Tuam Community Seeding Fund


Funding for individuals, arts groups and community groups


This is a challenging time for artists and communities alike. We recognise the challenge posed to both individuals and groups active in community engagement at a time of physical distancing and the urgent demands on community development and civil society organisations to focus on immediate service provision and relief.   We are therefore opening up a fund to create opportunities for civic, social and community groups and individuals to grow new ideas and resource themselves to stay active, engaged and connected.

Creative Places Tuam is therefore opening up a Community Seeding Fund with a total sum of €10,000 available.  Applications can be submitted for the minimum amount of €250 to the maximum amount of €1,000. Applications are due by 5pm, Thursday 27th of August 2020.


This fund could help you to do something new, test out new thinking, put on a new small event or activity. Allow you as an individual or group to do something different especially now as move to a phase of recovery and reconnection. It could help you to bring in external expertise needed to grow an idea, to purchase or hire equipment essential to your group staying connected.  It can be used for the materials, resources, mentorship and supports needed to get your concept going. Ideas do not have to be completely new, they can be part of your group’s usual programme, but reconfigured due to COVID 19 disruptions.

When we are being asked to stay apart and pull together, how can we continue to be connected to our creative community in Tuam? What can grow from these connections?


This Seeding Fund is for individuals / groups who are from or work in Tuam and is for projects that will happen and benefit the people of Tuam. This fund is ideal for emerging or established groups or creatives who want to try something new.
Community is at the heart of Creative Places so ideas must respond to and involve local people’s input.


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Artist and Community Supports