Artworks and Residencies }
Summer School on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice. Create and Counterpoints Arts, 2018. Image: Aoife Herrity

Artworks and Residencies

Creating Space for socially engaged arts practice in Tuam

2020 - 2023

Creative Places Tuam makes time for ideas to percolate, space for communities to come together, resources for projects to grow.

Through the delivery of long term residencies and research opportunities, we support artists and communities to work together on a common goal. This is the space for gathering together to interrogate ideas, to grow our understanding of socially engaged arts practice and make great art. This is the space to think globally, to act locally, to make together.

Oein de Bhardúin, author and educator, was awarded the Thinking on Tuam residency, to guide the programme as it began in 2020

In 2020 we awarded Creative Places Tuam Artist Bursary Awards: Community Solidarity through Collaborative Practices to Tuam-based artists Jennifer Cunningham, Jacqueline Glynn and Jojo Hynes and Midie Corcoran

Cooperative Ignition programme

Following an initial open call for a Cooperative Commission in 2021, we made the decision to reallocate the funding into a series of residencies, artist developmental opportunities, mentorships and local training opportunities, all designed to build capacity for artists and communities to work collaboratively together.

Through this Cooperative Ignition Programme, we have offered a number of residencies and other opportunities for the people of Tuam. This includes directly supporting artists from Tuam, and also inviting artists based outside of Tuam, including the UK, to visit and immerse themselves in the town, providing their expertise and mentorship to local artists and community members alike:

  • For Our Grand (m)Others, an art residency on the Gilmartin Road with invited artist Mark Storor (UK-based) 
  • UK- based artist Isabel Lima visited Tuam over an extended period of time to work with residents to develop the Tuam Assembly, in which participants discussed how Tuam used to be, how it is now, what has changed, as well as imagining future development and what they want to see.
  • The One Stop Shop, a print residency with invited artists Kate O’Shea and Aoife Barrett which builts from the rich history of print-making in Tuam Town.
  • The Match Factory, a residency supporting local artists Jojo Hynes and Midie Corcoran to evolve their own socially engaged practice alongside collaborating with young people.
  • Create, Galway Arts Centre and Creative Places Tuam Artist Residency award, awarded to Tuam-based artist Pavithra Kannan.
  • Patching Tuam, a unique textile art project for young people, inspired by punk fashion, music iconography, and protest art, led by local artist Kathy Ross.


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