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Patching Tuam workshop. Photo: James Ryan for Creative Places Tuam
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Patching Tuam


“Patching Tuam” is a textile art project for young people in Tuam. Stitching and needlecraft are an incredible visual language, and local textile artist Kathy Ross has worked with young people, sharing techniques such as drawing and painting, collage, applique and hand and machine embroidery to create Punk Patches displaying their social, political and personal viewpoints and their sense of place.

Patching Tuam created a collaborative tapestry based on the views and experiences of the young people and interaction with the town of Tuam, which was launched during The West’s Awake Community Weekend, August 2023. An exhibition of this work is hosted at the Tuam library.


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Patching Tuam


Collaborators on the project

Joe O’Grady, Bruin Fahy, Emily Balfe, Sarah Ahern, Mia McHugh, Millie Ross, Sonya Blake, Juliet Darrican, Lauren Walsh, Niamh Harhen, Ava Dunne, Kristina Lapinksi, Alicia Cleary, Olivia Begley, Shannon Berford, Milana Oblogina, Melissa Collins.

Kathy Ross is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator who specialises in textile art. Kathy uses a wide variety of techniques to create  her work, she is particularly interested in themes of ecology and sustainability. Kathy strives to incorporate elements of waste and recycle materials in her artworks to highlight issues such as climate change, fast fashion and environmentalism.  Kathy has exhibited widely throughout the country and works as brand ambassador for industry leaders Janome sewing machines and Aurifil thread manufacturers.



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Artworks and Residencies