About the programme

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Cooperative Ignition Programme

Creative Places Tuam makes time for ideas to percolate, space for communities to come together, resources for projects to grow. Through the delivery of long term residencies and research opportunities, we support artists and communities to work together on a common goal. This is the space for gathering together to interrogate ideas, to grow our understanding of socially engaged arts practice and make great art.

Mentoring and Training

Creative Places Tuam is committed to building capacity in Tuam and its hinterlands, and so we offer training, professional development and funding opportunities to equip artists and community members to develop their practice and programme.

Community Conversations

A space for introduction, reflection and evaluation. We wish to open up an understanding of the potential and importance of talking, listening and ensuring that all voices are heard. Here we will discuss art, collaborative practice, the societal issues and concerns of Tuam, and how community based arts practice can explore these issues.

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