2022 a bumper year for Creative Places Tuam!


2022 a bumper year for Creative Places Tuam! }
The Blue Door at Christmas. Jennifer Cunningham

It has been a super busy year for the Creative Places Tuam programme, making things happen in Tuam.

In March, we took part in the Arts Council’s Places Matter conference with Tuam-based artist Joanna McGlynn, filmmaker David McDonagh, Tuam resident and community advocate Patricia King Callaghan and project evaluator Dr Grainne Coughlan;

We welcomed UK- artist Isabel Lima to town for her Tuam Assembly residency, where she worked with Tuam residents to create a space for listening. During these workshops, participants discussed how Tuam used to be, how it is now, what has changed, as well as imagining future development and what they want to see.

In April, we hosted our first ever in-person Ory’Sta conversation in Reapy’s pub, where we invited Maureen Kennelly (Director, Arts Council), Patrick Fox (Director, Heart of Glass) and Ailbhe Murphy ( then Director, Create) to discuss how different communities engage creatively to build the version of place they want to be a part of. You can listen to the recording of this conversation here.

In June we hosted a sharing of the Earwig! Arts Archive in the Town Hall curated by Jojo Hynes and Midie Corcoran with their mentor Kate O’Shea. Jojo, Midie and Kate are featured in the latest issue of Create News, discussing their work together researching and developing their artist archives.

June also saw us host the first Patching Tuam sessions for young people, a unique textile art project inspired by punk fashion, music iconography, and protest art with Kathy Ross. Kathy has gone on to work throughout the year  on this project, with young people across the town. You can watch a short video capturing the spirit of the Patching Tuam workshops here.

June was busy! We also hosted a Tea Ceremony A Sip and Beyond with Pavithra Kannan, who later in the year was awarded the Create, Galway Arts Centre and Creative Places Tuam Artist Residency Award. The residency took place in September across both Galway Arts Centre and Creative Places Tuam, providing opportunities for research, exchange, networking, and learning, with additional curatorial advice from Galway Arts Centre. Pavithra used the time and support afforded by the residency to address specific environmental, social aesthetic and economic concerns within a located context involving aspects of time and space.

September saw us welcome 130 people into the Town Hall on Culture Night, to meet and see the work of artists including Pavitha Kannan, Kate O’Shea, Kathy Ross, Jojo Hynes, Midie Corcoran and Padraig Stevens.

In November, we hosted the Creative Places and Create Networking Event, which you can read about below, and also welcomed UK-based artist Mark Storor to Tuam, where he is working on a residency with residents of Gilmartin Road.

We also offered a print workshop with artists and printmakers Aoife Barrett and Kate O’Shea, as part of their One Stop Shop print residency in Tuam.


In 2023 we look forward to hosting more artists residencies, mentoring and career development opportunities for artists and community groups in Tuam, as well as supporting ongoing work directly through the Taking Root Fund, a €20,000 fund for individuals, arts groups and community groups that work to make a positive impact in Tuam and its hinterlands.

We wish to sincerely thank the people of Tuam, the artists and community members who have worked with us, welcomed us, attended workshops and supported the programme. We so look forward to offering more in 2023 – keep an eye on our social media and website for more details!

Merry Christmas,

Carolann and the Creative Places Tuam team


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