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Ory’Sta 5: Maureen Kennelly, Patrick Fox and Ailbhe Murphy


No longer confined to a Zoom screen, we were thrilled to welcome artists and community members to discuss creative place making, in our very first live in-person Ory’Sta, featuring Maureen Kennelly (Director, Arts Council), Patrick Fox (Director, Heart of Glass) and Ailbhe Murphy (Director, Create).

Tuam is a unique place with many deeply embedded artistic and cultural habits and practices. This made for a rich conversation between all of our guests, including addressing how different communities can engage creatively to build the version of place they want to be a part of? How can artists be key partners in this work? How will Create and Tuam continue to work together to realise their shared visions? We discussed legacy, and the importance of ensuring that the great work already started can continue, when Create’s role in the project finishes at the end of 2023.

You can read a transcript of this audio here.


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