World Health Organisation visits Creative Places Tuam


World Health Organisation visits Creative Places Tuam

We were delighted to welcome Christopher Bailey, Arts and Health Lead for the WHO, to Tuam this week. This visit, which brought Christopher to projects in Cork, Limerick and Galway, was part of Creative Brain week.

Creative Brain Week gathers some of the world’s experts in arts, creativity, neuroscience and brain health for a full week of seminars, presentations, exhibitions and lectures designed to unlock our understanding of how brain science and creativity collide. 

Collectively, we shared songs, poems and stories that helped to highlight the incredible difference that engagement with arts and culture makes to the health and wellbeing of a whole community.

Thank you to everyone who came and took part and shared some of the journey we’ve been on together in Tuam over the past four years.

With a growing body of evidence that participating in and enjoying the arts can help people cope, exercise their agency, develop their abilities, build community and bring moments of joy, our vision is to lead a Healing Arts revolution that improves the physical, mental and social wellbeing of millions of people worldwide.”

Christopher Bailey, WHO Arts and Health Lead


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