Ory’Sta in person at Reapy’s bar


Ory’Sta in person at Reapy’s bar }
Attendees at the Ory'Sta held at Reapy's Bar Tuam, April 6th 2022. Photo: Vance Lau for Create

The front bar in Reapy’s was packed to the rafters at lunchtime on April the 6th, for our very first live in-person Ory’Sta, welcoming Maureen Kennelly (Director, Arts Council), Patrick Fox (Director, Heart of Glass) and Ailbhe Murphy (Director, Create). This is the fifth in our Ory’Sta series of discussion events with artists, residents, community groups, and business people from Tuam and beyond.

No longer confined to a Zoom screen, we were thrilled to welcome artists and community members to discuss creative place making. Tuam is a unique place with many deeply embedded artistic and cultural habits and practices. This made for a rich conversation between all of our guests, including addressing how different communities can engage creatively to build the version of place they want to be a part of? How can artists be key partners in this work? How will Create and Tuam continue to work together to realise their shared visions? We discussed legacy, and the importance of ensuring that the great work already started can continue, when Create’s role in the project finishes at the end of 2023.

“It’s really important to me that we, the Arts Council, is present in a very real way in far more places around the country – so this this will be the first of many visits I hope.”
Maureen Kennelly, Director of Arts Council Ireland

We have so missed being able to meet in person, so this was a great opportunity to offer some hospitality (many thanks to Seamus for opening the doors for us and Gather for the beautiful spread), to chat, catch up and reconnect. Thanks also to Midie Corcoran, for inviting everyone who attended to visit the Town Hall, where Midie and Jojo Hynes have been working with artist Kate O’Shea to investigate and create their own archive, including for the ten years of the Earwig festival. More than one artist and community member got a surprise to see themselves featured!

“It felt like a party and simply wonderful to meet so many artists in person again.”
Jennifer Cunningham, Tuam-based artist and member of the Creative Places Tuam Creative Team









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