Ory’Sta: David Burke, Tom Flanagan, Keelin Murray


Ory’Sta: David Burke, Tom Flanagan, Keelin Murray }
The Virtual Fireside. Image: Padraig Stevens

Join us for the second in our series of Ory’Sta Talking on Tuam conversations. This time around, we’re delighted to welcome David Burke, editor of the Tuam Herald, and Tom Flanagan, artist, filmmaker and educator based in Galway. Creative Places Tuam is all about the place, the people, and the stories of Tuam and its hinterlands. How do we tell the story of ourselves, of our town, of our history? Both David and Tom have vast experience in telling stories, reporting, and giving voice to the community. We invited them to have a conversation with Keelin Murray, Create’s Communications and Publishing Manager, who herself has a keen interest in these questions.

Watch the full converation here


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