Creative Places Tuam featured in Traveller Collection archive


Creative Places Tuam featured in Traveller Collection archive }
Traveller Collection: detail of a wheel axle. Image: Vance Lau is a website which grew out of a collaborative process with artist Seamus Nolan, cultural practitioners, Traveller activists and collectors in an exploration of what a Traveller collection or a Traveller specific museum might be. As states, “Traveller history and culture is a diverse and complex subject, there is not one story to define Traveller identity, but many”.

We are delighted that Creative Places Tuam’s Ory’Sta 3 with Oein De Bhairdúin, Megs Morley and Owenie Ward, as well as Oein De Bhardúin’s Walking Whid, are now featured on

Traveller Collection aims to create a central database of Traveller history and culture, which currently is documented in State-managed collections or independent collections, such as those managed by Traveller organisations or private collectors. Traveller Collection brings together collections, and clarifies information on what exists, where it exists and how it can be accessed. is open to submission by the public. Visitors to the site can view featured collections and search by category.


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Ory'Sta 3 on Traveller Collection
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