Artworks created at “A Sip and Beyond”


Artworks created at “A Sip and Beyond”

Tuam based artist Pavithra Kannan offered a Tea Ceremony themed around Conversations – the act of talking or doing something with other people, in late June. With a new perspective on making tea, this ceremony explored the ritual of the process and making a mark using tea as a material. We are dleighted to share dome of the pieces made by attendees of the tea Ceremony below.

Tea ceremonies are an ancient cultural activity that originated in China and Japan, which turn the act of making tea into an artful exercise of consciousness – like a moving meditation that results in a delicious cup of tea. At A Sip and Beyond, you can participate in the ritual of Tea tasting which will allow you to slow down, tap into your sense of belonging, have a conversation and make art.



Pavithra Kannan is a Socially Engaged Artist from India, settled in Tuam, Co Galway, whose work seeks a narrative in relation to place.

“For me, Art is like a language, an expression and response to the world around. I believe that Art allows one to see themselves and the world differently. Throughout my artistic practice, my work has involved the use of various materials, often looking for unexpected results and looking out for a combination of new and unexplored territories.”

In her most recent project A Sip and Beyond, Pavithra brings her personal experience of a place and the memories behind it into practice. Through A Sip and Beyond and socially engaged practice, Pavithrha intends to address specific environmental, social, aesthetic and economic concerns within a located context involving the aspects of space and place.

Tea is a binding factor to encourage dialogues and conversations to happen. One of the key principles that define this project is a deep commitment in helping to establish an open dialogue between function and narrative. This project is a bridge between two places, India and Ireland. It is a total dissolution of boundaries between art and life.



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