Funding and Application Support Series 2023

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Funding and Application Support Series 2023 }
Learning Lab: Create and Counterpoints Arts, September 2019, Cork City. Image: Marcia Chandra

8th, 9th February 2023

Tuam Town Hall

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To book any of these Clinics please email your name, email & phone number with the name of the clinic and / or one to one session you would like to attend to: carolanncourtney[at] or phone Carolann on (085) 143 7774. 

Throughout 2023 Creative Places Tuam will be offering ongoing supports to both artists, community groups/organisations, and individuals alike to learn about funding opportunities and preparing applications.  This will be aimed at schemes open throughout 2023 and 2024.

Our key questions for this series are:

  • Are you an artist who wants to find out how to fund your next idea?
  • Are you a community group trying to figure out how to develop an idea you might have?
  • Are you and artist and/or community group who are interested in developing projects together?
  • Do you need help with deciding on what funding award would suit you best, or, before that, what funding sources there are that supports communities and artists alike?

Creative Places Tuam understands it can be difficult to figure out how to get what you need and the efforts it takes in making applications to funders.

In the “Work of Art” series, we will offer a number of information clinics, mentoring sessions, application writing supports and general advice and guidance so you can get the support you need to make great things happen for you, your group or organisation and the community you live in.

To kick off this series of offerings, we will host 2 information clinics in Tuam on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of February 2023.

To book any of these Clinics please email your name, email & phone number with the name of the clinic and / or one to one session you would like to attend to: carolanncourtney[at] or phone Carolann on (085) 143 7774.



Clinic 1

Demystifying collaborative arts practice & looking at the Artist in the Community (AIC) Scheme as a funding source for your ideas

Wednesday 8th of February 6pm-8pm

Group Session. Places limited so booking essential.


Theme: Demystifying collaborative arts practice – principles of collaborative arts practice, practical tips on framing a project and articulating your ideas.  This session will support artists and community groups who are interested in working together to co- create artistic projects that have a meaningful purpose to the community. This will be a deep dive session into how you can best articulate your ideas.

Who is it for? This session is for artists and community groups, local organisations, and those interested in developing/collaborating/co-creating an artistic project from beginning to end together. It would suit – artists at any stage of their career who have or are interested in developing  a collaborative arts practice.  It will also be of interest to anyone who works, volunteers or participates in a community group, organisations, school, hospitals, Day Care centres, etc that would like to know more about how they might work with an artist over a long period of time and secure funding and the right supports to do so.

Here we will focus on Create’s work delivering the Artist in the Community Scheme and hear from the programme manager Áine Crowley on how to best put yourself forward to develop this work.

What does this work look like in reality – artist John Conway will bring his unique expertise to this conversation and talk to his experience of developing project ideas and long term relationships, seeking funding and partner supports from multiple sources and how to describe the particular work of collaborative arts in a way that ensures it is understood by all involved in the work.


We strongly recommend those who attend also book in for the “Preparing to Apply, building a toolkit for funding applications” session on Thursday 9th of February.


Clinic 2

Galway County Council Arts, Community & Heritage funding 2023/2024 and
Preparing to Apply, building a toolkit for funding applications. 

Thursday 9th of February 10am-12pm (Arrival and refreshments from 9.30am)

Group Session. Places limited so booking essential.


Theme: The Work of Art, building a toolkit to support you to make the best funding application you can! Here you will find out information on what funding is available with a focus on Galway County Council and Application Toolkits: How to prepare applications and communicate the work you do.

Who is it for? This session is for community groups, artists and volunteers alike that would like to get up to date information on what funding is available via Galway County Council’s Arts, Community and Heritage services in 2023 and 2024.

You will get the chance to meet with staff from these services and hear how to prepare yourself or your organisation as best as possible for the application process. Arts Officer Sharon O’Grady, Assistant Arts Officer Amie Lawless and Community Archaeologist Bernie Doherty will be onsite for the session and after to share helpful information on their processes, how to apply, upcoming deadlines and other helpful information.

Fiona Hession freelance Artist and Arts Administrator and former Galway Community Circus General Manager will also guide you through helpful information and tips on making the strongest application you can and Keelin Murray Communications and Publications Manager with Create will support you to think on how best to write about your work and make ready your application toolkit essentials such as artist/community statements and biographies and managing the public communications of your work.



Clinic 3

One to One Support Sessions

Thursday 9th of February

1.00pm- 4.00pm (30 minute slots)

1-1.30 / 1.45-2.15 / 2.30-3.00 / 3.15 – 3.45 / 4pm close

One to one support meetings. Places are limited and on a first come first served so booking is essential.


Theme: Choose to meet with the person / people  from the session above that would help you most.

  • Do you need to meet with Heritage, Arts or community to discuss an idea you want to apply for funding for?
  • Are you an artist that needs support with how to write about your work, check in with Keelin.
  • Do you want to apply for the Arts Council’s AIC Scheme? Then book in with Aine and John to discuss your idea for this year’s award.
  • Are you an artist that wants to talk about your collaborative practice, whether it is emerging or established? Book a time slot with John to get helpful insights.
  • Do you want to think through an idea and be directed to what the best funding opportunity could be, Fiona and Carolann can support you in this.

Here you will have 30 minutes for tailored advice and support to you and you alone.


Who is it for? This is for anyone who is looking to get the information they need to take an idea and make it happen. Whether you are an artist, volunteer, team member, staff, local group, organisation – we can match you with the right person to support you in the development of your idea.






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