For Our Grand (m) Others


For Our Grand (m) Others

16th Nov 2022

Creative Places Tuam invites all residents of Gilmartin Road to be part of a new art residency for the street. Artist Mark Storor will be in Tuam from the 16th of November and wants to work with you to make an artwork together.

For our Grand (m) Others is a celebration of each person who makes up a family and families of all kinds. Those we are born into, those we make for ourselves and the communities that tend to them.


Through a number of creative processes, this newly formed group will work with Mark to make a new narrative drawing on the rituals of daily life.

Come and meet Mark for a 1 hour introduction meeting on Wednesday 16th November in Tuam Town Hall at either the 2pm, 4pm or 6pm session where we can talk about the upcoming work and its potential and book you into a timeslot to take part in a workshop over the following days and weeks.


You don’t need to have any art skills at all to take part – the workshops will be fun, meaningful and playful.

If you want to be part of this free project or find out more, get in touch at

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