Create Networking Day 2020


Create Networking Day 2020

9, 10 Dec 2020

10am - 1pm


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This event is offered free of charge, but booking is essential to secure your place. Details of the online platform will be emailed to each delegate in advance of the event. 

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We are delighted to partner with Create, Heart of Glass and Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre on this year’s Create Networking Day, held on the 9th and 10th December.

Create’s Networking Day 2020 seeks to take stock of collaborative and socially engaged arts practice in a year unlike any other. The Networking Day brings together artists and community and cultural practitioners to share practice and to exchange in the context of the unique challenges this year has presented for individual practitioners, collectives and for the arts sector more generally.

It could be argued that socially engaged arts practice is uniquely positioned to negotiate – in creative collaboration and solidarity with social movements and agents of change – alternative formulations and ways through and beyond the current crisis. As we navigate the contemporary and unique challenges for socially engaged arts practice, the Networking Day asks what possibilities open out for new imaginaries and socially engaged alliances in a post pandemic world.

We are particularly proud to offer “New Geographies”, a panel discussion moderated by linguist and researcher Francesca La Morgia with artists Caroline Bergvall, Ceara Conway, and Creative Places Tuam Thinking on Tuam resident artist Oein De Bhardúin. This panel explores how voice, sound and language support trans-local practices, and help delineate new social and cultural geographies of place and exchange.

Due to ongoing Covid 19 restrictions, this year’s Networking day will be held online, and is free of charge to attend. Join us for an opportunity to connect, network, and learn from renowned thinkers, artists and practitioners. See links on this page to the full schedule and booking (eventbrite).


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