Ory’ Sta: Talking on Tuam

Ory’ Sta: Talking on Tuam



Join us for a series of discussion events with artists, residents, community groups, and business people from Tuam and beyond.

Our Ory’Sta: Talking on Tuam Series will be the space where Tuam and Create get to know one another.  For the voices of Tuam to take centre stage and introductions to strategic allies and partners can happen.

This is a space for real conversation and listening to take place that can and will directly impact and inform our programme of work.

Year 1: A year of hellos – one to one conversations, introductions and plan making

Year 2: Digging deep – what we do now we are here?

Year 3: Long good byes – Legacy and Leave taking

Our first conversation welcomes Leo Moran, Tuam local and musician and Ailbhe Murphy, artist and Director of Create to our virtual fireside, to talk with Carolann Courtney, Programme Coordinator, at the close of the first year of Creative Places Tuam.

The second conversation featured David Burke, editor of the Tuam Herald, and Tom Flanagan, artist, filmmaker and educator, in conversation with Keelin Murray of Create. Creative Places Tuam is all about the place, the people, and the stories of Tuam and its hinterlands. How do we tell the story of ourselves, of our town, of our history?

The third Ory’Sta conversation was between Thinking on Tuam Resident Artist Oein De Bhardúin, curator Megs Morley and Owenie Ward, and took as its theme Nomadic Archives. This conversation allowed us to start thinking together on how we ensure the culture of the Travelling Community is centred in Creative Places Tuam.



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